The stories of musicians who have studied at the Orquesta Escuela.

Yuiko Asaba, violinist, Sixth Orchestra.
I came to the Orquesta Escuela de Tango from England with the goal of learning the authentic tango and also researching and writing my Master's thesis about tango. The interaction with the invited Maestros, the teachers and the students was so valuable. I loved meeting the other musicians, some already professionals and very talented young "tangueros." I feel that the way of
learning tango at the OET is one of the best methods in the world for learning music, and one of the most unforgettable experiences that changed my musical life.

Testimony of Juri Nakamura, violinist, Eighth Orchestra Class
I came from Japan, strongly pulled by the tango. As a tourist, I went to “La Casa del Tango” and upon seeing one single rehearsal of the orchestra, I made the decision to come to Argentina in order to participate in the school.
At first I only thought of tango, but in the orchestra school I

learned not only about the tango, but also to really enjoy music.I had the honor and the pleasure of being in contact with great maestros which was a source of great nourishment for my spirit.

Pablo Jaurena, bandoneón player, Seventh Orchestra.
The "Orquesta Escuela" is a unique and invaluable experience. For two years, I commuted 1400 kilometers per week to attend the rehearsals. It was worth this sacrifice and more. Living in Córdoba, there was no other way to finish my studies. To have contact with the Maestros is to drink from the source. To play and experience the classic repertory is to permeate oneself inevitably
with the styles. That is where the function of the OET really happens. Also, the excellent soloists of the orchestra helped me grow so much in terms of rehearsal, playing in a group, and the technique of the instrument. Personally, the OET gave me many tools for professional work, which I then tested out playing with Maestros like Osvaldo Piro and Atilio Stampone. For me, it was like a dream that passed too quickly and then is deeply missed.

Testimony of Lisandro Baum, pianist, Eighth Orchestra Class
I found it very hard to write about my experience in the OET because it really is immense. Imagine playing for two years in a tango orchestra, directed by tango maestros, encountering and playing the music of Di Sarli, Gobbi, Salgán, Pugliese. For me, it was a great discovery:  having recently begun to play tango,

through the orchestra I was introduced to the piano of Di Sarli and Salamanca, the violin of Vardaro and Gobbi, and the bandoneon of Ruggiero, the De Caro Sextet, the work of Emilio Balcarce. I thank all of those who run the Orchestra School and my classmates for making this learning experience so intimate.

Claudia Spalletta, violinist, Eighth Orchestra Class
I had heard a lot of good things about the Tango Orchestra School.  And unintentionally and very slowly, I began to see it as a goal to reach.  I spent two marvellous years there, where every rehearsal was a party…a place where the enjoyment and effort went hand in hand.  There we met, not only to learn from the great maestros the secrets of tango, but also to create, to grow,

to make music together.  Personally, the tango helped me draw closer to my instrument in a new way, to relax more… to encounter the possibilities of the violin and discover new abilities of my own. A whole new universe opened up thanks to the Orchestra School.  Today, I continue walking and growing on that new horizon, but with the joy of knowing that my first steps were taken under the tutelage of giants like Néstor Marconi, Ramiro Gallo, Federico Pereiro, Germán Martínez and Patricio Cotella.

Marisol Canessa, violinist, Fifth Orchestra Class
When I entered the Orchestra School, I had already been playing tango in different groups for several years. I entered knowing that I would have enriching experiences, like playing tangos in all the styles of the great orchestras from tango’s golden age and tangos by modern composers, conducted by their composers or arrangers.  I received so much, especially under the baton of

Emilio Balcarce, who not only gave us the honor of sharing his music, but also immersed us and guided us in that world of the great maestro’s orchestras, which today are our inspiration. To have the opportunity in which the violinist or the bandoneon player who played in those orchestras passes on to you the “yeites” or musical secrets, and talks to you in the same way they talked in the rehearsal with those great maestros, or tells you how the dances were in that era, is something invaluable, something that only those teachers can offer us. All of this means that today I have the very best memories of the Orchestra School.

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