Artistic Director: Ignacio Varchausky

Mr. Varchausky is the creator and the Artistic Director of the Orquesta Escuela and the founder of TangoVia Buenos Aires. As double bassist with and founder of the Orquesta El Arranque tango ensemble, Mr. Varchausky has also recorded six CDs and toured to over 150 cities in the United States, Europe and Japan. He has produced over a dozen CDs with artists such as Gustavo Beytelmann, Julio Pane, Néstor Marconi, Bibi Ferreira, Lidia Borda and Vale Tango.

Piano Instructor: Cristian Asato

He began his piano studies at age 11. Two years later he entered the School of Music Juan Pedro Esnaola, where he received a piano specialty. At 21 he began his tango piano studies at the Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory in the tango and folklore career. At the same time he took classes with Nicolás Ledesma and Emilio De la Peña. In 2008 he auditioned and entered the "Tango Emilio Balcarce School Orchestra", directed at the time by Nestor Marconi, and different guest teachers, such as Leopoldo Federico, Raul Garello, and Juan Jose Mosalini among others. He accompanied artists of the stature of Amelita Baltar, Ariel Ardit, Juan Carlos Copes and Mora Godoy among others. He is currently part of the teaching group of the International Tango Encounter for Musicians.

Violin Instructor: Guillermo Rubino

He began to study at nine years old in the Gilardo Gilardi Music Conservatory of La Plata, graduating in 2002 as Professor of Music, Specialist in Violin. His teachers include Pablo Saraví and Szymsia Bajour, and he continues to perfect his technique even today with José Bondar. He has participated in various orchestras (also performing as soloist) including the Camerata Académica de Teatro Argentino (as soloist), Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil del Mercosur, Orquesta de Camara de la Municipalidad de La Plata, Orquesta de Cámara Mayo, and the Orquesta Estable del Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Since 2005 he has been the first violin in the Orchestra El Arranque, a group with which he has recorded two CDs and toured many European cities. He has performed with musicians such as Julio Pane, Walter Ríos, Lalo Schifrin, Oscar Kreimer, and Gerardo Gandini in both recordings and live performances.

Double Bass Instructor: Patricio Cotella

He began to study the electric bass when he was 16 years old with the professor Ricardo Capria, a graduate of the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda, and later studied technical elements of music with the professor Claudio Morgado. In 1992, he entered the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda where he studied the electric bass and the double bass until 1998. In this period he studied the instrument with Daniel Buono and Máximo Rodríguez, technical elements with Rodolfo Alchourron, Rodolfo Mederos and Daniel Jáuregui among others. He also had his first academic contact with tango with the Maestro Orlando Tripodi. Privately, he studied with the Maestros Oscar Giunta, Serigo Rivas and Norberto Juez. Between 1998 and 2000 he belonged to the Chamber Orchestra of Buenos Aires directed by Oscar Castro. In 2000, he was invited to be part of the pilot project of the Tango Orchestra School directed by the Maestro Emilio Balcarce where he studied different styles of tango with masters of the genre including Julián Plaza, José Libertella, Raúl Garello, Néstor Marconi, and Atilio Stampone. He has been mentored by tango double bass players including Horacio Cabarcos, Alcides Rossi and Ignacio Varchausky.

Bandoneon Instructor: Ramiro Boero

He began to study the guitar when he was 16 in the Municipal Conservatory Manuel de Falla and then in the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda. At 19, he began to study the bandoneon at the Municipal Conservatory Manuel de Falla and at SADAIC with Maestro Néstor Marconi. In 2001 he auditioned for and entered the Orquesta Escuela de Tango, directed at that time by the Maestro Emilio Balcarce. In that orchestra he was directed by the maestros Julián Plaza, Néstor Marconi, Raúl Garello, Atilio Stampone, Víctor Lavallén, and Luis Stazo, among others. Since 2002, he has been a member of the Orchestra "El Arranque," working as bandoneon player, arranger and composer. With El Arranque, he has recorded four CDs and made more than 20 tours. He has participated in tango shows including those of Café Tortoni, El Viejo Almacén, Café de los Angeltitos and Rojo Tango. In 2008, he toured the United States with Roberto Álvarez's "Color Tango," Venezuela with the "Sexteto Mayor," and Italy with the Orquesta TangoVia, directed by César Salgán. Currently he studies harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and composition with the Maestro Daniel Montes.

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